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We are conscious of the impact of design on our
well being are you?

Our work is inspired by traditional concepts such as Feng Shui, bio-geometry and building biology, although we incorporate the use of eco-friendly materials and modern technology which not only excites our clients but evokes new and fresh emotions, whilst remaining an environmentally sustainable design solution for the modern world.

We actively seek to reduce noise pollution and use light, colours and textures which enhance a sense of overall well-being and help individuals to rekindle a natural balance with their environment.

We firmly believe that designers have a responsibility for shaping the world, with a focus on sustainability and the practical but effective use of space: it is this which sets us apart from other designers. We are committed to leading by example, therefore we ensure that sustainability is a key feature within all of our designs.

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Image by Marten Bjork


Not just another Hotel..... each project connects with its locality and to the person using it,  capturing the essence of the environment.

Creating a healthy building considering; stie location, natural environment; air quality; sensitivity; natural regulation of the space due to its local climate, whilst also focusing on helping you to become self sufficient either through phasing or from the begining


We focus on incorporating environmental best practices into your new or existing building project. We will partner with you to design a healthy environment for your clients through the use of natural building materials and the creation of holistically designed spaces.

We will combine creative thinking and functionality to design your space.

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Many hours are spent at the office and therefore it dictates that itrequires to fullfill many aspects within the space to cater for various personalities and functions, introducing some biophilia helps the atmosphere and the wellbeing. Functional but also creative spaces also rely on the air quality, heating; cooling and technology to be a total approach to the buildings biology and wellness.


Museums design is a chance to educate and have fun to explore ideas, when creating the exhibitions it is all about the journey and hoe curious you are to explore the exhibits and learn, through interaction and intergrated technology. The textures and colours need to be suitable for everyone so that it is accessible to everyone.

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